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    Casual labour and skilled workers supplied in Newcastle

    What does an employee cost you?

    • Did you know that labour hire is tax deductible?
    • Did you know that you get 14 days credit?
    • You save time with all the mandatory returns.
    • Only one bill to pay for actual hours worked.
    • One person to discuss problems with.
    • Problems fixed without your time wasted. No need to worry about seasonal periods, holidays, peak production times, skill shortage, increased workload or deadlines - you can use MAZDEN casual staff at these crucial times.
    • You can eliminate:
    • Advertising costs
    • Reference checking / Interviewing costs
    • Health / drug checks (if required by client)
    • Paying wages for employee’s who are not at work
    • Unfair dismissal actions

    As you would expect from a reputable business that employs both skilled workers and casual labour for businesses in Newcastle, we regularly receive inquiries concerning our highly professional services.

    Whether you are looking for short and long-term employment or you are a business that requires urgent staff, we have the solutions.

    While the information provided by this website is an overview of the services that we provide to businesses and individuals seeking employment, we offer a great deal more as well.

    Therefore, if you don’t see the answer to your specific inquiry listed below, please contact our helpful and friendly team either by phone, email or by using the on-page contact forms.

    Risks of employing your own staff
    and not using Labour Hire:

    • Difficult to terminate unsuitable employee for fear of an unfair action claim
    • Dismissal requires one documented verbal warning plus three written warnings
    • A risk of time wasting due to dealing with employee grievances and work place relations
    • Commitment is implied on hiring even on a trial basis
    • No flexibility if your situation changes
    • No opportunity to gauge troublesome personality traits before the employee becomes permanent
    • Time consuming administration
    • Downtime due to internal conflict resolution

    Frequently asked questions

    What do I get when I use Mazden Labour Hire?

    Mazden looks after superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation, insurance and administration required for payroll.

    Who is a trade qualified worker?

    A person with a trade qualification like a carpenter, boilermaker, electrician, fitter, welder, etc.

    What an employee really costs you?

    Did you know an employee being paid ($19 per hour) per hour costs you around ($30 per hour) when you consider:

    • Super @ 9.5%
    • Long Service Leave 
    • Payroll Tax
    • Workers Compensation 
    • Sick Leave 
    • Annual Leave 
    • Public Holidays 
    • Payroll Administrative Costs


    Give yourself a break, less stress levels, minimize long term mistakes

    Who is a skilled worker?

    They could be a person who has started a trade qualification but has not fully completed it. They may also be a person with good experience in a particular trade or industry.

    Who is an unskilled worker?

    A person who requires no special training or experience to adequately carry out the work allocated.

    What is the minimum time I can hire a worker for?

    The minimum time to employ a worker is four hours. Mazden does not have a maximum time to employ workers.

    How does labour hire work?

    We source the suitable worker for you within the required time frame (sometimes one day) and arrange for them to turn up on site as per your instructions. We pay the workers on every Wednesday morning and we invoice you (employer) at the end of the week (Sunday) with all payroll requirements being looked after by Mazden.

    NO FUSS Labour Hire - Mazden

    Call the experts in the supply of labour and skilled workers now on 02 4946 0299

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